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Japanese Samurai Helmet
Japanese-Amor.com has been the leading online retailer of authentic Reproduction Samurai armor since 2001. We are proud to offer a full line of authentic, hand made reproduction Japanese Samurai Armor (Yori or Armour), Samurai Helmets (Kabuto), Japanese Swords (Katana), and Japanese Weapons from the world renowned foundries of Fenglinhanjia (FengLin) in Wenling, Paul Chen (Chen Chao-po) in Hanwei, Imperial Forge in Hefeng Village and Sangyo in Sendai Kagoshima.


Painstakingly made by hand from experienced armor craftsman, these life sized, fully functional and completely authentic reprocuction Japanese Samurai Armor and helmets are crafted using authentic methods and materials only. Each suite has been researched and modeled after private collection, museums or temples of the actual armor. Our armor are made specifically for re-enactors and private collectors that demand authenticity, detail and quality.

Both our Samurai armor and Samurai weapons will make an excellent addition to your collection of Samurai Armor and Arms with prices starting as little as $175. All of the Samurai armor listed on our website, including the Japanese Samurai Helmets (Kabuto), come with a stand for display. Japanese Samurai Armor All the katana swords and weapons listed on this site are authentically made, fully functional and battle ready.

The Japanese suit of armor was only worn by the shogun, highest military class, samurai and emperors. Japanese samurai armor and samurai swords are both powerful, unique works of art made by craftsmen of the highest skill level. Each suit of Japanese armor (Kikou), Japanese Helmet (Kabuto) and Japanese Sword (Katana) truly has a soul or chi as well as a personality all of its own. These stunning works of Japanese art are made strictly in the authentic and traditional manner - all by hand and all by highly skilled craftsmen and are now made available for everyone at affordable prices.

Japanese suits of armor are typically displayed in home, restaurant, corporate, cultural and museum environments. Japanese armor and Japanese swords are both excellent symbols of Japanese art, culture, and can be adapted to any interior situation. We are constently adding new Japanese armor pieces and Japanese Samurai swords to our site giving our clients the widest veriety of Japanese armor and Japanese swords of the highest quality at the lowest possable prices!


Our armor has been seen in Movies such as Last Samurai, TV Shows like CSI: Las Vegas, Hereos, Unnatural History, Mortal Combat: Legacy, Supah Ninja, History Channel and Learning Channel; as well as museum, re-enactors, dojos, restuarants, hotels, casinos, offices and homes all over the world.

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