The Samurai armor remains one of the most interesting and rare components of the Samurai era. The armor was constructed from bamboo, cloth and metal. Unlike its better known counterpart, the medieval armor, the Japanese example was much lighter, which provided for ease of movement but compromised protection. The armor had to be light weight because the Samurai would often engage into hand to hand combat, requiring fast and precise movements. The majority of the armor was made from bamboo. The chest plate was usually one piece of metal while the arms and neck were composed of small pieces of metal tied together with colorful strings.

The Samurai warrior was an expert in hand to hand combat. The disciplines he mastered included Ju Jitsu, Iaido and swordsmanship. The Samurai would fight mounted on a horse or on foot. It is said that some of their opponents were strong and skilled enough to be able to punch through the Samurai armor with a single strike from their fist.

The following graph provides a view of the armor and its different components;

Gusoku Armor Illustration by: Juan Calle

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