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Japanese-Armor.com is proud to offer the full line of Paul Chen's battle ready and tested Asian Martial Arts weapons from the Hanwei forge, which is legendary for making traditional Japanese weapons and Martial Arts Weapons. These Japanese weapons, some known as Samurai weapons, Ninja weapons but all Asian weapons are made in the time honored, traditional way and by highly skilled craftsmen. The Paul Chen Practical Martial Arts Weapon series utilize cost effective material without sacrificing the traditional methods, craftsmanship and quality that the Hanwei Forge has been known to produce for centuries.

The Asian Martial Arts weapons and Japanese Weapons on this page as well as the rest of the Japanese Swords, Martial Arts Weapons, Samurai Weapons, and Armor on this web site have been hand picked and chosen for its craftsmanship and durability to insure that you get the highest quality weapon at our lowest possible price. These Japanese weapons are battle ready and fully functional reproductions of ancient Japanese weapons and Asian weapons that were immortalized by the Ninja and Samurai Warriors of the past and in them their spirit can live on through you!

XH2072: Pudao

The Chinese Pudao (SH2072) originally an infantry weapon, has been adopted into a Martial Arts weapon and its use in the hands of a skilled practitioner is spectacular. Our Pudao is a Martial Arts weapon that once was and still is coveted by infantry of old and modern martial artists alike. The high-carbon tempered steel blade has aggressive distal taper to promote quickness and balance and a long tang for strength, while the oak staff is tightly tape wrapped in a traditional pattern to optimize handling and adds to the distinctive appearance, as does the dragon-head bronzed steel blood cup and bell tassel.

Blade: 26"
Handle: 44""
Overall: 70"
Retail: $210

Retail Price: $210
Your Price: $189
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The Naginata, (SH1020) famed weapon of the Sohei, or warrior monks, of medieval Japan was fearsome in the hands of skilled combatant and is today of great importance in the martial arts field. Our Naginata, while retaining its traditional qualities, has now been revised to better meet the needs of the martial arts practitioner.

Hand forged and edge tempered, using traditional methods, the Naginata blade is at least the equal of the originals. Mounted on a long tang to better absorb the shock of a blow, the blade has a strong distal taper for balance and quickness. The delicately engraved tsuba features a silver butterfly motif. The re-designed staff is now very strong, featuring a traditional finish for better control of the weapon in competition. The Naginata is supplied with a wooden saya, a protective cloth bag and a boxed maintenance kit.

Blade: 21 ½"
Handle: 55 ½"
Overall: 76 ¾"
Weight: 4lb 10oz

Retail Price: $699
Your Price: $615
In Stock
1020-GT:  Naginata
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