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The Samurai, the elite warrior class of the feudal Japan, influenced the course of Japanese history for almost a thousand years, from the tenth century guards of the imperial palace in Kyoto to Saigo Takamori, the "last of the Samurai", who lived until 1877. Providing surprisingly close parallels, in their conflicts and tactics, to the knights of medieval and renaissance Europe, the suit of armor of the Samurai nevertheless evolved somewhat differently, though still providing the protection required against the weapons of the day.

If you are a collector with an interest in Japanese history and culture, you will love these miniatures. Detail is great, so you can fully appreciate the intricacies of the armor and weapons alike. It can be said that no greater warriors ever lived. Japanese Samurai are legendary, regardless of time and place. Their discipline and honor, bravery and training-- nothing will ever surpass these incredible men.

Even if your interest in sport and martial art only extends to watching televised matches, learning more about the Samurai and Ninja culture might inspire you. Their physical fitness, lightening reflexes and unstoppable determination were mystical. It is no wonder that so many films and various martial art dojos have caused the Samurai fame to live on. Order your models today!

Japanese Samurai Statues

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Japanese Samurai Statue and Letter Opener
Japanese Samurai Statue and Letter Opener

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